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Amish KidsSend the Light Crusade was organized in 1962 under the direction of Elmer Fisher. Elmer was born into an Amish family of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. As a young man, Elmer decided to purchase an automobile but was forbidden by his father. While boarding with a friendly neighbor, he visited a local church and received a list of Bible references from the pastor. After reading these scriptures, Elmer understood that he was a sinner and received the Lord as his personal Savior. The peace and joy of knowing his sins were forgiven compelled him to return and share the good news with his family. Sadly, instead of rejoicing with him, they shunned him as a heretic. The reaction of the Fisher family only caused Elmer to became more burdened for their souls. Through this trial in Elmer’s life, Send the Light Crusade was born.

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Send the Light Crusade was formed to convey the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Old Order Amish and Mennonite communities in the United States and Canada. The ministry of Send the Light Crusade continues to serve with the same burden of heart borne by our founding father. We exist to proclaim the gospel to those who, though religious, may not understand that salvation is a work of God alone and not dependent upon our good deeds.

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